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20"H x 16"W

Acrylic on heavyweight paper

In Greek mythology, Ceres is the Roman Goddess of agriculture. She’s the goddess of the common man and the goddess that represents motherly energy.

One day, her brother Pluto, pining for love, returned to the surface from his home in the underworld and abducted Ceres’s daughter Prosperina.

Ceres was so distraught that she cursed the land and the crops.

Jupiter, also one of Ceres’s brothers, sent Mercury to intervene and request Pluto return Prosperina unharmed.

He did. And her return marks the first day of Spring, when Ceres lifted the curse and rejuvenated the land.


This work ships free in the US lower 48.  This work is NOT framed.  All photos depicting framing are for suggestive purposes only. 


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